Cleaning Tips for Busy Parents Selling a Home

When your home is on the market, keeping it spotless and clutter-free isn’t an option, it’s mandatory. Potential buyers are looking for a clean house that appeals to their desire for an orderly space with lots of flow. That means keeping everything well-ordered and pristinely clean, which takes work. You never know when that buyer who just loves what they see will happen by and ask for a viewing. Meeting their expectations might just earn you a deal with someone who’s willing to meet your asking price.

But maintaining the keep-it-clean demand can be a real grind if you’re a busy parent with a full-time job. The customer comes first when you’re trying to sell, so you’ll have to come up with a system or schedule that makes cleaning the place as easy and convenient as possible.


It’s amazing how certain items in your home seem to multiply and reappear out of nowhere even after you’ve cleaned them up. If you’re a parent, you’re familiar with how hard it is to keep pace with the toys, even when you’ve made it as easy as possible for your kids to do the job themselves. That can be a real problem if you have trouble getting the kids to purge old toys they no longer play with – somehow, they keep showing up at the worst times. If your home is bursting at the seams, consider renting a storage unit so you can keep the overflow of toys, clothing, old photos under control and, most importantly, from getting in the way when a buyer wants to go through your home on short notice. The average cost of a self-storage unit in Colorado Springs over the last 180 days was $97.34.


Follow a system

When there’s not much time to clean, having a system that you follow consistently saves time and ensures you don’t overlook something important. Try cleaning rooms in the same order each time and follow the same cleaning pattern in each room. Home cleaning experts often recommend starting at the top and working your way down to the floor, then cleaning from left to right. That way you won’t neglect dust on the ceiling fan and bookshelves as you work your way down to the usual stuff. Having a system in place eliminates wasting time trying to figure out where to begin. If you’re too busy to clean, consider hiring a professional cleaning service.

Organize your stuff

You can tap into several ways to organize household objects and storage. For example, you can follow a “declutter-as-you-go” system that will reduce the likelihood that items will be left lying around when potential buyers come through. Get in the habit of storing toiletries and bathroom supplies under the sink rather than on the counter or behind the toilet. Keep the kitchen decluttered by unloading your dishwasher as soon as everything’s dry and reload right away (load as much stuff as your dishwasher will hold each time). Pick up and straighten in the living room or den as you go, especially if your kids like to play in there.

Be superficial

Sometimes, superficiality can be a good thing; especially when you’re frantically cleaning to get ready for a showing. When you’re really in a bind, focus on the most obvious, line-of-sight items and make them really sparkle, such as your kitchen countertops, refrigerator door and the kitchen floor, as well as the shower or bathtub. There’s nothing quite like clean tiles for attracting a buyer’s attention.

Ideally, as a home seller you’d like to maintain a showplace look throughout your house. Busy parents need to pick and choose what you can get to if you’re expecting buyers on short notice. Keep the place picked up and organized so you can focus on cleaning high-end features that naturally attract a buyer’s attention.


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